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History of our place

Where Mona Restaurant was established

The construction of the manor house, where the Mona Restaurant is located today, dates back to 1736.

The building was erected by the Cistercian Order in late Baroque style with a mansard roof, characteristic for that period. Its shape has been preserved to this day, and after a thorough renovation, it gained a new shine.

The place has witnessed many historical events throughout its history. The place has witnessed many historical events throughout its history. After the first reconstruction carried out by the monks, its interiors were decorated with the works of the Baroque fresco master Franz Sebastiani. At present, they are in the museum in Pszczyna, which has protected the valuable paintings from total destruction, while the building was in ruins in modern times.

Currently, the Cistercian manor house, together with the adjacent grounds and paddock after the equestrian centre, was purchased in 2016 by the investor, Pamira Investment. In 2020, the long-awaited renovation and construction works, also by the local community, began. Historically, the building had a characteristic wide staircase, which has been preserved and restored and now leads to the restaurant rooms on the first floor. On the ground floor, rooms have been created which are connected to an outdoor, heated terrace

You will also find here one of the few in the Silesian region Humidor, where you can enjoy cigars and quality spirits.

Wnętrze Restauracji Mona Brasserie
Od 2022
Our history

The place where Mona Restaurant was established

Wnętrze Restauracji Mona

Construction of the manor house

The Cistercian Order, to which the land belonged, begins to build a manor house.

Restauracja Mona

Reconstruction of the manor house

Along with the reconstruction, frescoes by François Sebastiani were created in the interior.

Ratusz w Rybniku

The end of a Cistercian monastery

Secularisation of the Ore area, end of the Cistercian monastery.

Kolejka Wąskotorowa Rudy w Rybniku

Creation of a narrow-gauge railway and station in Stodoly.

Narrow-gauge railway

Rynek w Rybniku

Joining Poland

The area of Ore and Rybnik were incorporated into Poland.

Restauracja Mona

Relocation of the frescoes to the monastery

Transfer of Sebastiani's frescoes to the Cistercian monastery in Rudy.

Remontowany budynek Restauracji Mona

Entry in the provincial register of monuments.

Remontowany budynek Restauracji Mona

A deteriorating monument

By the end of the 20th century, the mansion was gradually deteriorating.

Remont budynku Restauracji Mona

New owner

After many years of neglect, the historic building in Barnstaples is purchased along with the land by Pamir Investment.

Remontowany budynek Restauracji Mona

Start of renovation and construction

The restoration of the building has begun and all measures have been agreed with the Conservator of Monuments.

Kurt Scheller - Szef Patron Restauracji Mona

Patronage of the kitchen

Kurt Scheller is the patron of the kitchen, its design and style.

Restauracja Mona

Opening of the Mona Restaurant

Mona Restaurant has opened its doors for guests. You are welcome! We invite!

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