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Danie w Restauracji Mona
Special offer

Chef's table

The chef cooks for you exclusively

Invite your family or friends to our restaurant for an extraordinary and sublime culinary journey. The only in the region offer of the original tasting menu of the Chef, who will be only at your disposal, will delight the most sophisticated palates. In one of our restaurant rooms, the Chef will present dishes that he has prepared in our kitchen especially for you. The whole of this extraordinary feast will be complemented by a tasting of appropriately matched wine. It is worth tasting to be able to tell your friends about this experience.


Fresh produce

In the Mona Restaurant we serve our Guests extraordinary dishes of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. We take care of the palates of even the most demanding guests.


Culinary artistry

In the Mona Restaurant, a team of experienced cooks headed by the chef, cooks for you, ensuring a carefully composed menu.


Best Wines

In our restaurant we offer a wide selection of wines matching the items on the menu. Our specialists will advise you which wine goes best with particular fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.

Quick lunch

Bistro Mona

Consomme pomidorowe, tortellini szpinakowe

Derived from French cuisine, a clear and richly flavored strong vegetable broth in a version with tomatoes and accompanied by tortellini.

Lamb ribs, celeriac fondant, savoy cabbage, demi glace sauce

Tasty seasoned lamb meat is complemented by the addition of celery in an unusual form and tender cabbage, and the whole is brought together by a traditional French dark brown sauce.

Confit z perliczki, gratin ziemniaczane, młode warzywa, sos prowansalski

Confit to tradycja kulinariów południowo-zachodniej Francji w połączeniu z klasyką jakim jest gratin,

Complemented with young vegetables and combined with aromatic ailloli.

Danie w Restauracji Mona
Kuchnia tradycyjna

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